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Cheese Cutter hats

Cheese Cutter Hats with Individuality and Style

Every single Prohibition Hats NZ Cheese Cutter has a story to tell and a point to make. When you don a Prohibition hats NZ Cheese Cutter hat be ready to tell everybody around you where you got it. Don’t settle for the high street, make a statement with a Prohibition Hats NZ Cheese Cutter.

Cheese Cutter Hats are the ultimate head wear accessory for men and women. Cheese Cutters take their name from their wedge-like shape (bearing a striking resemblance to a wedge of cheese!) and have a rich heritage born from the working classes of Britain and Ireland. 

Cheese Cutter Hats are very functional head wear. Not only do they keep your head warm in the winter, they keep the sun off your bonce in the summer (especially especially important in New Zealand with our harsh sun). They also make a real fashion statement saying a lot about who you are.

Haven’t got your size? Drop us a line and let us know what style you are looking for.

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